Quality Commitment

East Titan Electronic is registered to ISO9001. During all these years, we insist on

No fake, No refurbished, No Counterfeit

Quality is our key competency, also a reason why we can make the business successful in a fiercely

competitive market. We commit to maintain the security of supply chain. For all these years, 

our customers trust us, they believe East Titan Electronic always provide authentic parts, 

with true warranty. That is what we do.

 Ask for trade reference.

【Quality Control Methods】: 5 procedures+ true warranty

1. Vendor Audit 

Through continues effort in all these years, the members in our vendor pool extends to over 1.000, including OEM, OBM, franchised distributors and 1st-tier distributors who are specialized on certain brand/series. We evaluate them by quarter to make sure each vendor in the pool is reliable. They are ranked into 4 levels based on audit score.

2. 100% quality inspected for each pcs of parts sold by East Titan Electronic.

      External inspection at microscopic level 

Packing(Sealed, Moisture barrier protection, ESD), Package, Shipping documents(COO, Weight, PN, MFG, D/C, LOT#, QTY,) Marking(remark, fade),

Physical conditions(black topping, scratches, cracks, oxidation, chipped edges, etc), Pins (bent, copper leads, inserted, soldered, re-dip), label authentic verification, 

Dimension verification, brand new or used.

   Sample Test implemented in house and collaborative labs

  1.  Marking permanency test   

  2.  Decapsulation Analysis      

  3.  Electrical / Functional Test based on datasheet  

  4.  Blank and programming test   

  5.  Solderability     

  6.  Testing for RoHS-conformity  

A test report is provided upon request.  

※ All products must pass the above process before deliver to customers.

3. GM be responsible for Quality

4. Training and mentoring program

Inspectors and QC engineers possess an average 8 years experience. They are professionals in components field, qualified to identify suspect parts. Even thought, they are 

continually trained to keep up to date knowledge and best practice, including courses, on-job-training and seminars. The Counterfeiting techniques are changing always, so, it is very important to research on best practice and keep on learning.

5. Quality is also an internal policy written in labor contract.

Any East Titan Electronic colleagues contrary to the Quality Policy will be degraded or dismissed. That is an item written in East Titan Electronic's labor 



We provide true quality warranty 90days-1 year. Guarantee to insure parts we offered meet the form, fit and function of the original manufacturer's specification.